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To learn more about the venue, here are some questions about Castle Pines Farm people frequently ask. Click the question to reveal the answer.

How long has Castle Pines been an outdoor venue?

Castle Pines is a new venue. We opened in the summer of 2014.

How did you become an outdoor venue?

The original construction was designed to be a private residence. As interest grew through the construction of our unique European castle design, we decided to use it as an outdoor venue and share our medieval castle setting with others.

Do you provide tours of the Castle?


Tours of the Castle are provided by appointment only for clients interested in booking an event. Castle Pines is not open to the public.

Do you offer an indoor space?

No, currently Castle Pines is strictly an outdoor event venue. Future construction may offer an indoor space.

What is the capacity of Castle Pines?

We can accommodate up to 200 guests. The timber-framed pavilion can hold up to 90 guests for a reception. Additional tables can be set up on the lawn. As a reception area, the bailey and great hall can seat 200 comfortably.

Will there be any other events during my event?

No, multiple events are not scheduled simultaneously.13312776_1190788400944264_7220678157389263598_n-2

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, Castle Pines has liability insurance and requests our clients purchase event insurance.

Does Castle Pines have a facility director?

Yes, Castle Pines does have a facility director. The facility director is not to be confused with a wedding/event coordinator, is a person to assist the day of the wedding/event should you have questions on what is allowed or prohibited.

Is there a dressing room?

Yes, a small dressing room is available in the timber-framed pavilion along with two (2) restrooms.

Do you allow outside vendors?

We do have an approved list of photographers and vendors that you can utilize or you may choose someone else with written approval.

Can Castle Pines help me with other vendors

Yes, the Castle Pines staff can coordinate event enhancement options at an additional cost. These enhancement options include tables, linens, chairs, tents, dance floor, lighting and drapery. With prior arrangements, a tent can be erected, set-up, and decorated the day before the event provided the venue is not booked on that date. Any enhancements not rented through Castle Pines may be removed the next morning no later than 10:00 a.m. We recommend renting a tent if inclement weather is in the forecast with at least a 30 percent chance or higher for the date of the booked event.

Does Castle Pines handle the catering?

No, we allow our clients to choose their own caterer. All caterers must have copies of their business licenses, certificate of insurance and applicable health certificates and maintain a health department rating of 80 or above. Caterers may use the kitchen for the event for food keeping, food warming, staging, plating and serving; cooking in the kitchen by caterers is not permitted. If the client is using non-licensed friends or self-catering, a letter of release of liability for Castle Pines must be signed by the client.

When can I start decorating and what materials are permitted?

Set-up and decorating time is provided prior to event based on package selection. Decorations are the sole responsibility of the client. Due to the natural beauty of the craftsmanship, very few floral and/or greenery arrangements may be needed. No decorations are allowed either inside or outside the facility that leave any kind of residue such as masking tape, duct tape or electrical tape. The client and the client’s vendors are responsible for removing all decorations without leaving damages directly following the event rental period, unless special arrangements have been made by Castle Pines. Drafting tape which will not damage surfaces is permissible. Nails, tacks, pins and staples are not allowed. No wire or cord may be hung, tied or draped on any light fixture inside or outside the facility. An additional $150.00 special cleaning fee will be collected if Castle Pines has to remove traces of any of the prohibited items listed above. For the safety of our clients, their guests and the natural wildlife, the following items are prohibited: rice, metallic or other confetti, silly string, glitter or lavender. Items such as bird seed, fresh flower petals, bubbles or sparklers are permitted for the couple’s send-off. All decorations must be flame retardant. Candles must be enclosed in a glass container.

Can I have a DJ or band?


Yes, all contracted musicians must bring their own equipment (sound, speakers, microphones and extension cords). Castle Pines has numerous electrical outlets available in timber-framed pavilion and around the castle. All musical instruments and equipment must be delivered within the allowed set-up time.

How do I handle the deliveries for my vendors?

Arrangements may be made for caterers, cake delivery and musicians to set-up prior to your event rental time. All deliveries must be coordinated with Castle Pines staff. All vendors must provide appropriate dollies, hand trucks or other moving equipment for the set-up and removal of supplies. Sliding or dragging of equipment is prohibited.

What are the responsibilities of my vendors?

All vendors are responsible for all materials and personnel brought onto the Castle Pines facility. No catering equipment may be left after an event for later pickup unless prior arrangements have been made with Castle Pines staff.

How much time is allowed for take down?

Any take down and clean-up must be completed within one (1) hour following your rental time period. Gates close at 10:00 p.m. An additional breach fee will be charged if the time exceeds the allowed times.

Can we serve alcohol?

Alcohol may be served at Castle Pines under two (2) conditions: 1) it13495139_10209577032363285_8678824834940822979_n must be dispensed by a licensed vendor and 2) general liability insurance must be obtained to cover the event. Alcohol may not be served to or consumed by minors. Castle Pines reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if a minor is consuming alcohol or an adult is providing alcohol to a minor. The client renting the facility shall ensure that no underage drinking is allowed. At any time if the catering staff or Castle Pines staff deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the premises. A champagne toast is permissible without following the above outlined conditions.

What should I tell my guests who smoke?

Smoking is NOT permitted in or near the buildings. A designated smoking area, along with appropriate disposal, will be provided by Castle Pines staff.

What is needed to hold my date?


A 50% non-refundable deposit payment serves to hold the venue for specified date and time for event and is payable at the time of contract signature. Cash, checks and all major credit cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to Castle Pines Farm, LLC.

When is the full payment due?


Full payment for your event is due 30 days before the event. If event payment is not received by the 30 days before the event, Castle Pines retains the right to cancel the event and the client(s) forfeits all monies paid for event.

Does Castle Pines require a security deposit?

Yes, a separate refundable clean-up/security deposit of $350 is due at the time of the final payment. The security deposit will be refunded and returned within two weeks, provided the clean up is completed according to the agreed plan and no damage is done to Castle Pines property. Factors that could affect the refund of the security deposit include over-time, extra cleaning, building, or ground damages, etc. All events must end promptly at the designated time. All garbage is to be bagged and must be placed in trash receptacles and decorations removed. The area must be returned to its original condition by the prearranged time.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Castle Pines is not responsible for acts of God or inclement weather; however, every effort will be made to reschedule the event based on availability. In the event of a high rain chance, tent(s) can also be reserved to expand the covered area for an additional fee. It never hurts to have a plan B for a peace of mind.

Can I change my date?

In the event the client desires to change the date of the event, every effort will be made by Castle Pines to transfer reservations to support the new date based on availability.

What happens if my event exceeds the time I reserved?

If reserved times are exceeded (meaning if your event starts earlier or runs later than the reserved time), the $400 per hour fee will be charged if the client takes possession prior to the reserved time on the rental date and/or if the building and property are not vacated by one hour after the reserved event ends. For your protection, guests should be notified of these hours.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

In the event of a cancellation of event, all payments to date are non-refundable. Cancellation of the facility rental for any reason other than an act of nature or public calamity shall not relieve the client from obligation for the full rental amount.

When should the final plans for our event be discussed?

Castle Pines must review and approve all proposed logistical plans for the use of the premises a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

Everything sounds wonderful, but it also seems expensive. Will I be able to afford this?

Yes, we are very affordable, but if you’re looking for the cheapest venue, we’re not it. We’re an exclusive and unique venue that goes above and beyond to provide quality service to our clients.

This sounds like everything I’ve been looking for. What happens next to start the process?

We invite you for a tour and free complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, packages and pricing. Send us an email with three dates and times that work best for you, and we’ll get started!